Cut to length line under tension with automatic scrap system

Cut to length line customized as per customer request.

Levelling in tension mode

Place: Verona

Realized: 2005

Cut to length line under tensione
Line compositio:
• DC powered decoiler with edge guiding system.
• Guillotine shears for scrap
• Cutting edge trim with scrap winder.
• Levelling tension system with one tension roll before leveller roll and two after leveller. The calculation of tension setpoint in normal or under tension job is automatic.
• Flattening rollers diameter 63 for production from 0.4 mm to 4mm
• Rotary shear with UNICO ltd system. Order exchange in automatic mode from and to the office. Production in non-stop mode also with different production length. Encoder selection above or below material.
• Stacker consists of 4 boxes, two for first choice and two for the second choice. The operator sends to scrap the defective material in manual mode. He can chose to send the scrap to the second  choice box or to at the box scrap (with cutting measures different than production), or in an automated way. This function uses a sensor that recognizes appropriate signs placed on the edge of the material. Automatically upon arrival of the scrap, the shears will cut the size preset as a second choice, again automatically, the scrap sheet  will be sent to the second choice box.
• Flying shear (to be put online if necessary) for sheets cut trapeze.

Attachment: tensionatura.pdf (PDF, 90Kb)