Automatic data exchange from and to office

Automatic packing system

Automatic packing system

Place: Italia

Realized: Inizio 2013

New cut to length line with production data exchange from and to office :

  • Sending data from production office.

    • All production data is sent to production from office. The operator only needs to indicate which coil is loading into the machine
    • If the coil has already been worked in the past all the positioning data, penetration and tension values are sent to production if they are previously stored. The operator must therefore not set the machine in manual mode. The flattening of the material will be the same obtained previously.
  • Reading data from production office

    • Each finished packet data is sent to the office to be able to print labels
    • The production, therefore, is followed in real time.
    • Data is read out of work for later use with the same roll or with the same Steel casting
  • Automatic feed of the pack

    • The finished packet advances towards the packing station in automatic mode.
    • The system sends to the office the weight of the package
  • Automatic packing

    • The package comes packed in automatic mode.
    • the package in transit is accompanied by a ligation code (recipe) to be able to meet the demands of various customers
    • The package with equal size can be "stacked" in automatic one above the other to speed up the operations of warehouse storage

The package is sent automatically to the destination station (bay exhaust)