The fields of reference for S.I.P.I.E. Srl are the steel making industry and engineering for which designs and manufactures "turnkey" automation systems, operator protection and energy distribution in low voltage. Any work is based on the following steps:

  • Gathering technical specifications
  • Hardware design of the automation system and protection
  • Programming automation software
  • Implementation of human-machine interface software
  • Commissioning and production support
  • Training of staff
  • Service post sale

The steel making and engineering industry have always been the areas where new technologies find the first application to automate the various processes of production. S.I.P.I.E. Srl in this area has a thirty years experience in the automation processes of transformation of the plate.

For a long time mechanics has provided interesting solutions for applications which require handling and synchronization of mechanical parts. However the evolution of electronics applied to industry can replace the old lines, fully or partly mechanical process, with more accurate, reliable and sure electronic solutions.

S.I.P.I.E. Srl has made sheet metal processing lines his strong point realizing the automation systems used to cut to length (levellers) with cutting flying systems (flying shear, rotary and drum) and start-stop mode (feeder), slitting lines (slitter), feeders for presses, coil packaging lines. The processes are automatized using products to the state-of-the-art one both for the performances what they provide and for the operator safety.

S.i.p.i.e. S.r.l. 01

S.i.p.i.e. S.r.l. 02

S.i.p.i.e. S.r.l. 03


One of the areas where S.I.P.I.E. Srl is particularly involved and where is reflected and satisfaction: "Flying cut". Here uses and applies UNICO Ltd drives and controllers, which is the official supplement for Italy.


S.I.P.I.E. Srl designs and manufactures safety systems comply with new regulations by choosing the materials and components most appropriate to achieve a safety level in accordance with the work to be protected.