Automatic scrap management on cut to length line

Automatic management from defect detection to second choice/scrap box

S.I.P.I.E. Srl



With this system it is possible to operate in a fully automated management of the second choice , from the detection of the defect to sending material lacked to discard or second choice.
The scrap detection can be performed by a station placed before the shear :
1 . through special camera that recognizes special marks on the material ( not supplied )
2 . by manual detection through a button
the scrap is added to a queue register . The shear cut as much as possible at first choice and , in fully automatic mode , it will change the cutting length from production to second choice once the defect previously traced will be under the blade . Once cut the whole defected part the system will return to cut to production lenght. The system is able to discard the least number of pieces as possible .
The cut sheets will be sent to a stacker box o or a scrap/second choice box. The system will automatically send the cut material to the box of the destination depending on how it will be cut; material without defects will be sent to the stacker box and the one with defect will be sent to a scrap/second choice box.
This system allows you to :
1 . cut the scarp material to a different length from the production , so as to discard the least amount of material possible .
2 . avoid accidentally sending the defective material to the box of choice.
3 . speed up the selection process.