Heavy gage cut to lenght line

Stainless steel cut to lenght line

Shear heavy gage

Place: ThyssenKrupp AST (Terni)

Realized: 2011

Heavy gage cut to length line:
Line composition:
• DC powered decoiler with edge guiding system..
• Straightening with automatic positioning
• Leveller with automatic positioning
• Flying shear with UNICO ltdsystem.. Encoder selection above or below material.Reject Tracking / Scrap Optimization – The system tracks material from a reject detection station to the cutoff and then cuts around the scrap to minimize waste.The system is able to track material that has been labeled as reject material from a reject inspection station located upstream from the flying cutoff, and then command the flying cutoff to either cut the rejected material to length in a selectable fashion or to cut around the rejected material in cases where a blade might be damaged by cutting into the reject material. During a period when the reject material req input bit is set, the drive labels all of the material that passes by the location of the reject detector pos during that time

interval, plus an additional length of material equal to the reject tolerance setup on each side of it, as reject material. The drive then tracks that strip of reject material to the flying cutoff. How the drive cuts in and around the rejected material depends on the values that the user assigns to several setups.

• Stacker2-box, one for the first choice and one for the second choice.