The new workplace safety regulations (EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061) fundamentally alter the general principles for the design of control systems related to safety. By this standard introduces new definitions and concepts for the design and components that will be used in the system of command and are based on probabilistic concepts and analysis Reliability of components used. The aim is to provide requirements for the design of electronic components and even software applications to meet strict conditions of safety.

A proper risk assessment is essential to determine the level of security necessary for the proper use of the machine by the operator.

According to data collected S.I.P.I.E. Srl designs and manufactures safety systems comply with new regulations by choosing the materials and components most appropriate to achieve a safety level in accordance with the work to be protected.

Security systems are built with safety PLC systems and software to calculate the long-term reliability of the security system itself. The system is then integrated in both new and in old automation systems making them conform to new safety regulations without having to invest large resources to change the entire system of production.

A strength of our security systems is human machine interface (HMI) that allows a reliable diagnosis of the system.

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